Peel & Paper 2024 Wallpaper Designs

2024's Must-Have Wallpapers: Transform Your Space with Trendsetting Designs


As we navigate through 2024, the interior design landscape is alive with the latest trends poised to transform our living spaces. At Peel and Paper, we're leading the way with a collection of wallpapers that are not only visually stunning but also customizable in color and effortlessly chic. Our curated selections for 2024 showcase an ideal mix of creativity, sophistication, and adaptability. Dive into our designs and see why they're already becoming the top choices for this year's decor.

Priscilla: Botanical Elegance

Priscilla - Botanical Floral Plants Wallpaper

Priscilla offers a serene escape to nature with its white illustrations of flowers and leaves set against a sage background. This design is a nod to the growing trend of bringing the outdoors in, making it perfect for 2024's emphasis on biophilic design. Its subtle color palette promotes calm and relaxation, ideal for bedrooms and home offices.

Why Priscilla is Perfect for 2024

The increasing desire for tranquility and a connection to nature in our homes makes Priscilla a top choice. Its botanical theme paired with the soothing sage background fits seamlessly into the wellness-oriented interior trends of 2024.

Rosanna: Watercolour Whimsy

Rosanna - Watercolor Flower and Plants Wallpaper

Rosanna captures the whimsical essence of watercolor flowers and green plants on a pristine white background. This wallpaper breathes life and color into any room, embodying the 2024 trend of soft, natural aesthetics with a playful twist.

The Appeal of Rosanna for Modern Homes

In a year that values creativity and fluidity in design, Rosanna stands out with its blend of colors and textures. It’s perfect for spaces that aim to be bright, airy, and imbued with a sense of joy.

Isidore: Vintage Charm 

Isidore - Vintage Botanical Plants Wallpaper

Isidore brings vintage elegance to the forefront with its black botanical leaves against a light pastel green backdrop. This design is a tribute to the timeless appeal of nature-inspired motifs, reimagined for contemporary settings.

Integrating Isidore into Contemporary Decor

The pastel green background of Isidore offers a fresh canvas for modern interiors, while the vintage leaves add character and depth. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to merge historical charm with modern minimalism in 2024.

Derora: Chinoiserie Chic

Derora - Chinoiserie Trees, Birds & Flowers Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Derora is a testament to the enduring allure of chinoiserie, featuring birds, flowers, and tree branches on a navy background. This design is set to captivate in 2024, with its intricate details and storytelling elements.

How Derora Elevates Spaces in 2024

As interiors move towards more personalized and unique elements, Derora's rich narrative and deep colors provide a sophisticated backdrop that’s both timeless and on-trend.

Brielle: Gingham and Plaid Fusion

Brielle - Neutral Blue Buffalo Check Gingham Plaid Fabric Effect Wallpaper

Brielle combines dark green, maroon, and cream in a gingham plaid design that’s both cozy and chic. This wallpaper is a celebration of classic patterns with a modern twist, aligning perfectly with the 2024 trend of embracing bold geometries.

Why Brielle Stands Out in 2024 Decor

Brielle’s fusion of colors and patterns offers a versatile option for those looking to introduce warmth and texture into their spaces, making it a standout choice for the year.

Billie: Subtle Botanicals 

Billie - Beige Botanical Plants & Flowers Outlines Wallpaper

Billie features white botanical flowers on a beige background, epitomizing elegance and simplicity. This wallpaper is a perfect match for the minimalist trend of 2024, offering a gentle, naturalistic touch to interiors.

The Timeless Beauty of Billie for 2024

Billie’s understated design speaks to the growing preference for clean, uncluttered spaces with touches of nature, making it a timeless choice for the year ahead.

Lilliana: Tropical Gold

Lilliana - Golden Watercolor Tropical Leaves Wallpaper

Lilliana showcases golden watercolor tropical monstera leaves on a white background, bringing a luxurious touch to the tropical theme. It’s an embodiment of the 2024 trend towards opulence merged with natural elements.

Incorporating Lilliana into 2024 Aesthetic

Lilliana adds a splash of luxury to any room, perfect for those aiming to combine the grandeur of gold with the freshness of tropical designs in their 2024 decor.

Mahogany: Rustic Sophistication

Mahogany - White Wood Wall Wallpaper

Mahogany, with its white painted wood planks effect, offers a sophisticated take on the rustic theme. This wallpaper is in line with the 2024 trend of rustic chic, providing a warm, inviting backdrop that’s both stylish and comforting.

Mahogany's Place in 2024 Interior Trends

The rustic yet refined look of Mahogany makes it a versatile choice for homes aiming to balance comfort with style in 2024.

Uri: Retro Revival 

Uri - Retro Curved 3D Hexagons Wallpaper

Uri celebrates the retro theme with its hexagons in different shades of green on a white background. This design is a nod to the revival of retro patterns in 2024, offering a playful yet sophisticated option for walls.

Uri's Impact on 2024 Wallpaper Trends

With a unique blend of retro vibes and contemporary colors, Uri stands out as a vibrant and dynamic choice for those looking to make a statement in 2024.

Gianna: Vintage Etched Beauty

Gianna - Vintage Birds, Butterflies & Flowers Wallpaper

Gianna features vintage etched birds, butterflies, and flowers in black on a cream background. This wallpaper is a beautiful ode to the past, with its intricate details and timeless elegance.

The Significance of Gianna in 2024 Decor

Gianna’s classic design and neutral palette make it a versatile option for any room, aligning with the 2024 trend of integrating historical beauty into modern spaces.


As we navigate through 2024, the wallpapers from Peel and Paper distinguish themselves not only through their aesthetic appeal but also by how seamlessly they complement current trends. Whether your preference lies with botanical elegance, retro revival, or rustic sophistication, our selected designs are poised to revolutionise your space with their vibrant colours, rich textures, and unmatched style.


  • Can Peel and Paper wallpapers be applied to textured walls?
    While our wallpapers can generally be applied to textured walls, we recommend sending us a photo of your wall at This allows us to provide the most accurate advice tailored to your specific situation.
  • How easy is it to remove the wallpapers if I decide to change designs?
    Our wallpapers are designed for easy removal, allowing you to update your space without hassle. Simply peel off the existing wallpaper, and you're ready to refresh your room with a new design.
  • Are the wallpapers eco-friendly and safe for children's rooms?
    Absolutely, our wallpapers are eco-friendly and 100% safe for use in children's rooms, ensuring a healthy and secure environment for your little ones.
  • Can I request custom colors for the designs mentioned?
    Customization is at the heart of what we offer. There's no need to request special adjustments; simply choose any design and select your preferred colors before adding the product to your cart.
  • How durable are Peel and Paper wallpapers against wear and tear?
    The durability of our wallpapers varies depending on the type selected, but rest assured, all our papers are exceptionally robust. Our heavy grade vinyl option stands out as the most durable, ensuring longevity and resilience against wear and tear.
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