Frequently Asked Questions

See below to answer any questions you may have about ordering, measuring or installing the wallpaper.

About peel & paper

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Do you just sell online?

Our wallpaper is only available on our website.

Do you just sell peel & stick?

As well as our premium peel & stick paper, we also sell a heavy-grade paste-the-wall paper which is good for commercial projects or super-high traffic areas.

Is your paper eco-friendly?

Yes, our peel & stick wallpaper is made from FSC-approved paper and has a water-based adhesive which is non-toxic and free from solvents.

Is your peel & stick paper or plastic?

Paper. Our peel & stick wallpaper is a luxury non-woven paper with a revolutionary adhesive which does not damage walls.

Other companies sell plastic peel & stick wallpaper, which is not as good quality. The plastic stretches when you are trying to apply it so it is difficult to line up. It also needs overlapping which causes a big shadow on the finished wall.

Measuring & Ordering Wallpaper

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Do you add any extra for trimming?

Yes! We add 2 inches to height and width to ensure you have enough to trim off and get the perfect edge!

How many do I buy?

Each strip of wallpaper is 19 inches wide. You can use our calculator whilst ordering to make sure you get the correct quantity.

Can I order multiple different heights?

You can order different heights, but they will not match up. Only do this if they are for separate walls.

As most of our wallpaper is a large pattern repeat, every strip is different and will only work together with the same height strips.

If you have a wall that varies in height, get in touch with us and we will advise the best way to do this!

Can I reorder one piece?

If you need to reorder one piece (for example, if it gets damaged) then please contact us. We will make sure you get the correct piece.

Please be aware that as replacement strips are a different batch, there may be slight color and alignment differences.

Payment & Shipping

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How secure is your website?

Our website uses secure HTTPS on every single page, including checkout. Our certificates are signed by Cloudfare Inc. (one of the worlds biggest web security companies) and use SHA-256 fingerprinting. You can click the lock in the address bar for confirmation of our security!

What payment options are available?

We accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, card payments (including MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, Maestro) as well as PayPal and Clearpay.

Can I pay over the phone?

No. Phone lines are not secure and any details given over a phone call could be stolen. Our online payments are secure.

How long does shipping take?

As we custom print every order to ensure it is the same batch, our dispatch time is a week. Shipping takes 2-3 days after this.

We offer an express production service if you are in a rush, this is an option at checkout.

Installation & Care

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Are there any walls it doesn't work on?

Walls with stain-blocking paint or water-repellant paint will not work as this type of paint repels our water-based adhesive. Water-resistant and wipable paints are not a problem.

For heavy textures we recommend testing a sample.

Can I use your peel & stick on textured walls?

Our peel & stick vinyl and paste-the-wall wallpaper both work over light textures (including knockdown or orange peel). We recommend smoothing down more than usual for textures to ensure full adhesion.

For heavier textures, we recommend ordering a sample to test first.

Are there special tools I need?

We recommend applying our peel & stick with a felt squeegee, which is included free of charge with every peel & stick order!

Our extra-heavy wallpaper is applied like any paste-the-wall paper.

Do I have to overlap the wallpaper?

No, all our wallpaper is butt-joined as this leaves a much flatter and nicer finish.

If you choose our vinyl material, there is a 1/4 inch overlap.

What adhesive do you recommend?

For our extra-heavy paper we recommend any pre-mixed paste-the-wall paste.